GRC Italia creates steam boilers for domestic and industrial use


Our story begin almost 40 years ago: during all this time we have been involved in the industries of ironing systems, floor washers and other appliances. Steam generators are easily adaptable to various fields: from domestic appliances to the wellness world of saunas and spa, from industrial ovens to hygiene systems.

The long experience gained over the time, the craftsmanship of products, the manual work of our experts achieve a high level of reliability of GRC Italia that, across the years, has developed an integrated supply chain: from the selection of the best raw materials to continue with the internal manufacture of steel and aluminum, up to the final control of each boiler. The products, complete with accessories and ready for installation, must comply to rigorous tests of loss, isolation and rigidity, thus ensuring the maximum security and reliability.

Complete integrated supply chain

In addition to a strict quality control in all production phases, GRC Italia stands out for the continuous research and developement, with the purpose of always guarantee excellent quality standards, high performance and long life of the boilers.

Moreover, the close cooperation with our customers allows us to study and create boilers to meet the most demanding requests, representing the best solutions. GRC Italia products are completely customizable, both in terms of geometries and constructive characteristics



Our company started in 1981. The long experience and the handmade care grant liability to produce articles of excellence, highly performing and with long cycle-life.


A continuous research of modern technological innovations allows us to keep up with the future and guarantee a product portfolio of last generation.


GRC Italia is a 100% Italian company. We work we the best materials only, carefully selected and made in Italy. Exactly like all our production.


We always are beside the clients and our flexibility helps us to provide fully customized products, carefully evaluating the design and the development of the right proposal.


We manage an integrated manufacturing process, starting from the materials, through the production and arriving to the final stage.


Quality control is not carried out on finished products only, but it concerns all production steps, including the components chosen and processed by expert hands.


Not only products but also services. We manage a quick service of delivery, both national and international, respecting the times requested by the customer and optimizing costs as much as possible.


We have the PED certification, related with the European directive 2014/68 / EU that concerns the essential requirements of safety of all equipment working with steam pressure placed on the European market.


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+39 0438 63815