Steam Bath Boilers are professional steam generators. These water vapor production systems are necessary for the operation of “hammam” environments within our homes, spas, and specialized centers.
Not only the wellness sector, but also the industrial sector harnesses the power of steam, for purposes other than our comfortable heat bath. This juxtaposition underscores how both home production systems are based on a perfect balance of mechanisms, forces and technological innovations that are the subject of constant research and study to ensure quality, hygiene and safety over time.
he professional steam bath generators are small in size, almost similar to that of a small boiler. Water boiling takes place inside the generator, whose collection tank is connected to the water supply. Such a tank can be filled with either cold or hot water, which, when stressed by a heat source, quickly overheats and turns into steam. The steam will flow through an outlet pipe equipped with flow control valves, reaching the hammam environment and creating a pleasant atmosphere.
To ensure even heat distribution, a good steam bath generator should reach at least 40°C inside the cabin. Our state-of-the-art products, for example, allow the temperature level to be selected within a range of 42° to 48°C.
Safety is another fundamental element required of a steam generator. A safety valve is arranged to cut off the steam in case of excess, thus containing the risk of damage to the machinery due to rising pressure inside the boiler and ensuring the absolute safety of steam bath users.
Our story begin almost 40 years ago: during all this time we have been involved in the industries of ironing systems, floor washers and other appliances. Steam generators are easily adaptable to various fields: from domestic appliances to the wellness world of saunas and spa, from industrial ovens to hygiene systems.