The production of mini-boilers for campers and caravans has exploded in the covid era at the same pace as the market for these vehicles. This versatile product can be connected to an immersion pump, foot pedal or manually operated, making it ideal even in confined spaces. The boiler is resistant to heat and corrosion. They can have a content capacity of 5 or 6 litres, which can be adjusted as desired from 30°C to 70°C. Thanks to the excellent insulation, they keep the water hot for a long time, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. For use in winter, an antifreeze device is usually inserted and emptied via a dedicated drain valve. Often these products have a thermal safety system which interrupts operation in the event of a lack of water. Floor mounting is quick and easy, with low energy consumption and quick heating. The boiler is externally insulated to keep the hot water at its maximum.
In the production of mini-boilers for campers and caravans, we are able to operate to measure both by relating to the leading brand (to offer our advice on the ideal solutions to implement, also by virtue of the layout of the caravan itself) and with the sub-suppliers participating in the assembly of the camper and who specifically deal with the boiler aspect.