Grc Italia also operates in the field of steam boiler production for object and fabric sanitizers.
Steam sanitizers offer an ideal solution for disinfecting an environment effectively, quickly and naturally. With these sanitizers it is possible to disinfect the house, sterilize baby items and refresh clothes, all without the use of harmful chemicals. This allows you to prevent infections caused by bacteria and viruses, reduce allergens, fight infestations and prevent the presence of parasites.
Our steam boilers prodution for sanitizers consists of a series of products that allow a high expulsion speed. The effectiveness of steam purifiers in disinfecting quickly and efficiently has been proven through scientific tests performed by independent laboratories. With these devices, it is possible to permanently eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and harmful insects that contaminate the environment.
We work with the best brands in the sector, we provide precise and punctual consultancy so that our technology works in a complementary and synergistic way with respect to that of the client.