GRC boilers comply with the PED directive, the product directive 2014/68/EU

The primary purpose of the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) is to harmonize the national legislation of the Member States of the European Union regarding the design evaluation, production, testing and conformity of pressure equipment and related assemblies .
The scope of the directive extends to a wide range of products, including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, steam generators, boilers, industrial piping, safety devices and pressure accessories. This equipment plays a crucial role in numerous process industries, including oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber, food, paper, just to name a few.
Directive 2014/68/EU represents the result of the process of adapting to the New Regulatory Framework of Directive 97/23/EC. This new regulatory framework aims to ensure a more coherent and integrated approach to technical regulation in the context of the European Union.
The field of application of the PED concerns the design, manufacturing and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies subject to a maximum permissible pressure (PS) greater than 0.5 bar. This directive therefore plays a crucial role in promoting the safety and compliance of pressure equipment used in various industrial sectors, thus helping to ensure high standards of reliability and safety in operations.

GRC boilers comply with the PED directive (obviously where applicable), thus guaranteeing our customers the safety of the items and providing, at the same time, continuity and uniformity of controls in the different production batches.