The evolution of boilers for ironing systems took its first steps starting from the industrial revolution. The birth of the steam iron dates back to 1926 with the launch of the Eldec, a revolutionary innovation at the time. However, this first model was still bulky and heavy despite the innovative idea of ​​steam ironing. In the 1970s, significant improvements were introduced with a new type of steam iron equipped with a tank, shiny soleplate and steam holes, although the ability to regulate the intensity was still missing.
Only in the following years did more functional models begin to spread, equipped with buttons and knobs for adjustment, also becoming more practical and lightweight. However, the real turning point came in the 1980s with the introduction of the first pressure boiler iron. This innovative device allowed you to obtain professional results even at home, even in portrait mode.
Since then, technology has continued to advance, leading to further innovations and the introduction of current models that have made ironing operations much easier and faster. The external boiler, containing more water than traditional tanks integrated into irons, together with programs for precise temperature and steam regulation, allows you to iron different types of fabrics with precision.
The iron with boiler has revolutionized the world of ironing not only for the professional results it guarantees, but also for the savings in time and effort it offers. Thanks to this advanced technology, today it is possible to carry out the ironing operation efficiently and quickly. We at GRC Italia have been operating in the sector for 40 years and have been contributing to the evolution of boilers for ironing systems for 40 years. For almost 40 years we have been following the evolution of boilers for ironing systems and our tailor-made solutions place us at the forefront as a reliable partner for all national and international ironing system manufacturers.