Our production of steam boilers for sterilizers pertains to the neonatal and medical world in general. One of the most important aspects to preserve the health of newborns is the sterilization of objects that come into contact with them. This practice is particularly valid both for clothing, for which there are specific products, and for objects with which the child usually plays.
Steam tools are precious allies in this context as well. On the market, it is possible to find special devices that produce steam at high temperatures, allowing the complete sterilization of the objects. This instrumentation is configured as a practical and safe alternative to traditional sterilization techniques.
As regards the production of steam boilers for sterilizers, GRC Italia offers a turnkey service that goes from preliminary consultancy to the production, even on a large scale, of devices perfectly dedicated to the layout of the machine suitable for receiving them. Starting from the specific needs of our customers, we design and manufacture small-sized boilers for the most varied sectors, such as the food, medical, domestic and recreational sectors. In the services sector we also offer customized solutions for hotels, laundries, clinics (eg dental clinics).