Steam boilers for ironing systems have always been the core business of Grc Italia.
In almost 40 years of activity we have developed a vast know-how that allows us to operate in a dedicated way, responding to the specific needs of each individual customer.

Irons with boilers are considered more professional solutions and, over the years, they have gained a prominent position on the market, leading to ever greater diversification in the sector. These are divided into two main categories: those equipped with a boiler that transforms cold water into steam directly inside the iron and those in which the steam is generated inside the boiler itself. Furthermore, some time ago it was not possible to add water once it had run out, but today there are appliances equipped with boilers that allow refilling while in use. Naturally, the price of these irons is significantly higher, although the market is becoming more and more competitive for this category as well.

Technological innovation in the ironing sector focuses on the autonomy capacity of the boilers, which currently reach an average of one and a half hours of use. The safety of the instruments plays a very important role, with the thermostat turning off the boiler once a certain temperature is reached and the safety valves that are activated in the event of excessive internal pressure. Some models are also equipped with a vertical ironing system, which allows you to work on hanging garments and obtain professional and impeccable results. However, steam irons are also making great progress to offer advanced performance: the tanks become larger and often separate from the body of the iron itself, making it lighter and more manageable. For those who are always looking for the best, new ironing tools called “active boards” have been introduced on the market, which also include an ironing board with the function of blowing steam and removing humidity.

The Grc Italia team is at your complete disposal for any need relating to steam boilers for ironing systems