GRC ITALIA is at the forefront in the production of professional steam boilers for dental laboratories.
Sterilization is a fundamental element in dentistry to prevent and control infections. Sterilization must be guaranteed on all those instruments and medical devices defined as “critical” that come into direct contact with the human body, such as the skin and mucous membranes. Consequently, all dental devices are no exception.
Therefore, physical methods such as incineration, boiling, radiation, filter media, dry or moist heat are preferred for sterilization. Among these, sterilization through the use of saturated steam under pressure in hermetically sealed containers (autoclaves) is the most common and reliable.
The quality of the steam used for sterilization is essential to guarantee the safety of the instruments and, above all, the health of the patients. Precise regulations establish the quality requirements (physical and chemical) that saturated steam must meet when used on products intended for hospital/dental use.
For almost forty years, GRC Italia has been producing custom-made professional and industrial steam boilers for various fields. The Professional Steam Boilers for dental laboratories join those we develop for ironing systems, floor cleaners and many other household appliances. Pressure steam generators are easily adaptable to various fields of application: from appliances for domestic use to the world of wellness for saunas and Turkish baths, from industrial ovens for catering to systems in the hygiene sector.