GRC ITALIA is at the forefront in the production of professional steam boilers for industrial ovens.
Professional steam convection ovens are a fundamental element for the kitchen of a modern restaurant. Equipped with touch screens and self-washing systems with washing arms similar to those found in dishwashers, these ovens allow various types of cooking, such as roasts, biscuits, grilled meat and vegetables. Furthermore, there are also specific grills for cooking chicken or kebabs, transforming the oven into a fry top.

Convection steam ovens are usually trivalent, i.e. they can be used in dry mode, steam with the use of a boiler, or in mixed mode. The latter option is particularly useful for cooking where the combination of steam and convection allows you to cook while safeguarding all the food’s nutritional properties.
Always at the side of customers, our flexibility allows us to supply fully customized professional steam boilers for industrial ovens. We have always worked with the best brands in the cooking sector, as we carefully evaluate the design and development of the best solutions, so that they can be adapted to the layout of any device. We provide precise and punctual consultancy, so that our technology operates in a complementary and synergistic way with respect to that of the customer.